A letter to ALL atheists.

It must be a very strange feeling to have no thought of God.  In fact I don’t believe that it is possible to have – no thought of God – I guess that’s the reason why atheists go on and on about their idea that there is no God, they can’t get away from Him!

Actually I don’t believe that anyone can be an atheist; they can say as many times as they like – I don’t believe in God, there’s no God – but they only fool themselves, Psa 14;1.  It’s very easy to fool yourself, even ‘Christians’ do that, some all the time; but then they’re not Christians in the proper, Biblical sense of the word – the Christlike ones!

Atheists can say as much as they like – no God – but, they can no more prove that to themselves, or anyone else; no more than I, or anyone, can prove that there is a God to the atheist.

The fact of God’s existence can only be proved on an individual basis. God has proved himself to me.  He can prove himself to you, if you want to know him, it’s up to you.  He has done everything necessary to make it possible for us all to know him, very powerfully, so that amazing relationship is up for grabs, right now!

Intelligent folk like Ravi Zacharius and many others can make some pretty convincing arguments, but especially today, no one can prove God to anyone else; it’s just impossible.

And don’t talk to me about science, because it’s on God’s side!  Even Dawkins has admitted our world was created by intelligent design, so don’t even raise the THEORY of evolution; it bores me stiff.

Then there’s the old one about atheists and it’s as good as it gets – if there is no God then it doesn’t matter if I am wrong; but if the atheist is wrong and God is; wow, they’re in biiiiiiiiiig trouble!

In our very secular world most people dislike absolute values; it makes people very uncomfortable because they stand condemned by God’s values.  You cannot be more absolute than when some one says – I am the way, the truth and the life, no one gets to the Father but by me!  That’s the most absolute of absolutes, but I don’t apologise for it, because I believe it to be wonderful.  To know a Man who has that confidence is great, especially when the overall picture of him is summed up so beautifully by that children’s prayer –

Gentle Jesus, meek and mild,  Look upon this little child, Pity my simplicity, suffer me to come to Thee.

Yes, I know that Jesus got very angry indeed with the stubborn leaders of the Jews, but he obviously loved the children so much and that is quite sufficient when we are prepared to come to him with childlike faith.  And that is what is necessary!  There is no better picture of security and peace than a little toddler, cosily snucked up in a parents arms, totally confident that they will handle all the problems.  But, to self assured, poorly educated people of our mundane world, that is obviously a very hard place to be!  Not ‘poorly educated’ academically, but in reality, yes.

But here I would like to raise Evolution, sorry!  To say that after billions of years of evolution has come so far and cannot go any further than it has, is one arrogance too far; are we never to fly? The mess that MAN has made of planet earth and there can be nothing better!  Oh dear!  If I did believe evolution, then that thought would turn me off very quickly.

Sadly, I have to admit that it is ‘Christians’ who cause atheism.  Miserable church goers, legalistic church leaders and boring preachers have created atheists for a century now; so the old adage that – the Bible is harmed more by those who preach it, than those who are against it – is very true.  So it’s not the atheists I fear, it is church goers who call themselves Christians, but aren’t. Christianity has been reduced to some miserable, dull religion in far too many churches.  Love, joy and peace are the three words that should characterise church, but actually, they are mostly absent. So, actually, we have many atheists in our churches, they would vehemently deny being atheist, but in fact they don’t believe in the God of the Bible.  Lots of the big name TV evangelists would be in this category, they only use God as a tool to get rich.  Yet another cause of atheism!

Atheists will fade away when they see genuine Christianity and the power of the gospel; it is a great power and there will be a great response to the gospel.  Or, they will have the guts to be honest and admit they were wrong.  So if churches were what they should be, then many atheists would become Christians.  Many atheists would actually make very good Christians, their zeal is exemplary! 

But there is one proof of God, for when the gospel really impacts a community there is no argument, the atmosphere is so charged and everyone knows that God is in town.  ‘Revival’ has been defined as the – impact of the personality of Christ on the community. That is truly awesome and cannot be argued against, but it has not happened in the UK for over a century.  There were 2 small outbreaks in Lewis in Scotland and in East Anglia in the 1950s, but more than that, only a few isolated churches since.

So the atheists outside the churches do not worry me one iota, they would soon change their minds if they saw God in real Christianity; but the atheists inside do worry me, because I doubt very much if revival could ever come to their churches; they don’t want it and therefore are preventing it!  Even if it came close by, they would not recognise that God was there, while many atheists would!

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