Fight Back Time!

There are an increasing number of public people who are defending the right to maintain the Christian heritage of our country and lead a ‘fight back’ against the secularists and atheists who are alarmingly effective at curbing the public expression of Christianity.  Prominent politicians, even Muslims like Baroness Warsi, are calling for Christians to stand up for their faith.  Not a few newspaper columnists are also saying the same, even the present Polish President of the EU says that if Europe loses its Christian heritage, it will never be the same again and the present disintegration of society will continue alarmingly.  Not a few notable people have said – a life without faith, is no life at all.

The big question of course, is – how is the ‘fight back’ to be done; where do we sign up?  There seems to be plenty to sign up to these days, there are a plethora of petitions and lobbyings; but is that the way?  This is the way that the secularists have made their gains, so do we follow their pattern?  The answer is obviously – no!  Spiritual things have to be done in spiritual ways and the only way Christians can sign up to make Christianity worthwhile again, is on their knees!

One newspaper columnist recently said if Christianity ceased, then so would the vast majority of the country’s charities cease; and where would we be then?  She made the point that she sees very few charities started and run by secularists.  The Presidential campaign in USA highlights this worrying factor with right wingers saying – I don’t worry about the poor, all that will be sorted out when the markets come right.  Oh dear, are we watching the demise of the USA, because this seems to be the attitude of the ‘Christian’ right wingers.

The only place for Christians to ‘sign up’ is on their knees.  When they get a better prospective of Jesus and his love they will sign up to show his love to the poor and needy – you will always have the poor with you, John 12;8.

When our church leaders lead, when our preachers are in the enjoyment of the message they preach, then the love of Christ will become so obvious in the churches that the communities around will really know about it and what’s more, many will want it!  Oh yes, the fields are white and ready for harvest, [Matt 9;37] probably  greater than ever before, because this secular society is an empty and hurting society!

When our churches ‘sign up’ and take this stand on the love of Christ they and the charities they run will make an even greater difference to society and they will shame all the detractors of Christianity into an ominous silence.  And there will be plenty of money for world missions and even Africa would feel the difference!  What’s more, recession will be a thing of the past!

We noted that – a life without faith, is no life at all.  A life without love is a life without faith; for the two are totally integrated and you can’t have one without the other.  The apostle James thunders that faith without works is dead, 2;14ff.  Only works motivated by love for Christ will be effective and fruitful, the product of true faith.

The love of Christ is the only answer to the needs of our world and it is up to the churches to demonstrate love generously.  Only a few churches are maintaining this, but the need is for far more to ‘sign up’ and join them.  In any and every situation, always remember that – love NEVER fails!  1Cor 13;8.  Love is the only way to ‘fight back’ and win!

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